My Panoramas


This web page contains my panoramic image attempts (listed below). All of them are interactive, you can move around with your pointing device and zoom in and out.

All of panoramas were done using m43 equipment: Olympus PEN E-PL5, Panasonic GM1, Panasonic 14mm (plus DMW-GWC1 wide angle converter) and Samyang 7.5mm.

Panohead used in the beginning was a very cheap Polish head made by Dobas with few my tweaks. Currently I'm using Nodal Ninja 3II and Tom Shot Ultralight Panohead for Samyang on a solid tripod. Software used for whole process: Lightroom for RAW processing, PTGui and Panorama Studio Pro for stitching and ocassionally Photoshop for additional retouch. For viewing please use either web browser with Adobe Flash plugin or any mobile device (like Android tablets or Windows Phone devices) supporting HTML5.



Opera Nova near by (360x180 degrees)

Jaworzyna Śląska:

Locomotives panorama (360x180 degrees)
Old Polish Odra computer (360x180 degrees)


Leśnica (360x180 degrees)
Park Zachodni (360x180 degrees)
Park Popowicki (360x180 degrees)
Stadion Miejski (The Municipal Stadium) (360x180 degrees)
Odra river near Maślice (360x180 degrees)


Arboretum 1 (360x180 degrees)
Arboretum 2 (360x180 degrees)
Arboretum 3 (360x180 degrees)
Arboretum 4 (360x180 degrees)
Arboretum 5 (360x180 degrees)
Arboretum 6 (360x180 degrees)
Arboretum 7 (360x180 degrees)

Near by:

Miłosna near Lubin (360x180 degrees)
Niezgoda (360x180 degrees)